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Urn with surface textures made with rollers

Koi Fish Urn:
made by Joel Socwell

Working with tools we make can be fun, even if I don't get to work in the studio as often any more.   This piece made in 2018 was made using our maple wood rollers (koi fish & tree bark) and fired in an electric kiln using cone 06/04 stoneware and glaze.   For me, the decoration of the surface is the most interesting part and I guess that is why I got into the business of making surface decoration tools to achieve the results I wanted.

Photo By: Terri L. Courtney

Ceramic Designs By:
Joel Socwell

Listed below are some of the exhibits of artwork created by Joel Socwell, many using the wood stamp technique developed during his studies at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater.   Most of the work is wood fired, so also included are photos of the wood kiln Joel built on his farm in Wisconsin in 2003.

Socwell Kiln - at temperature around cone 8.   This kiln has two fire boxes on opposite sides and you stoke each in turn when the fire sucks back into the blow hole.   The kiln is only fired about 10-12 hours to achieve the desired amount of wood ash glaze.
Wood kiln being fired in 2004.   This kiln was based on the fast fire kiln design, but has been modified with a canternary arch for more flame action in the ware chamber.
Two pieces from a series done with these hand painted dog images based on historic Greek Pottery themes.
Joel unloads the kiln, this piece was from a series of "pyramid forms" with surface texture and images made with stamp tools.
Ceramic Violin shown in a booth display at Art Fair on the Square in Madison, Wisconsin in the summer of 2007.   This piece was made using over 100 impressions from a group of stamps made to simulate a lost script style.

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